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Truth about RAW Feeding

By :Sally James 0 comments
Truth about RAW Feeding

With more and more pet owners starting to consider Raw Feeding, there are a number of myths out there misinforming them and discouraging them from making this transition. We want to give you the truth so you can reap the benefits of a raw diet for your pets!

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for Adult Dogs, Raw Diet ...

Myth 1 – My Dog Will Get Salmonella From Raw Meat.

Ideally your dog’s digestive system can handle bacteria in the gut without a problem.

Dogs’ bodies are built to prevent harmful bacteria like salmonella from invading the body and upsetting the healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Dogs have highly acidic stomachs as well as natural digestive enzymes and bile that help them process Salmonella and other bacteria without becoming ill.

It’s when dogs are fed kibble that things become an issue!

Kibble doesn’t contain those live enzymes, so your dog’s digestive system can become overrun.

Studies have shown there have been hundreds more recalls of dried dog food concerning salmonella and e-coli than any raw dog food brand.

Myth 2 – Feeding A Raw Meat Diet Is Time Consuming And Complicated.

If you’re planning to go out with a bow and arrow and hunt down prey before dragging it home and preparing it for your dog from scratch then sure, that’s probably going to take up most of your time!Raw dog food Out with kibble and in with the raw dog food diet - dogly

However, choosing and buying the right ingredients to make up a complete raw meat diet for your dog is no more time consuming than shopping for yourself, and you don’t need a degree in canine nutrition to get things right! Lots of raw food companies now offer ‘complete meals’ that make up the 80:10:10 balance, so it’s as easy as defrosting and popping it into a bowl.

Myth 3 – A Raw Meat Diet Isn’t A Balanced Diet.

One of the main myths that big pet food companies spread when it comes to discouraging dog owners from feeding a raw diet is that it isn’t balanced and doesn’t provide for all your dog’s nutritional requirements.Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipes With Grain-Free Ingredients | LoveToKnow

In order to give your dog the best nutritious balance, owners must follow a simple rule of 80:10:10. This means a dog must get 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal in their meals.

Lots of raw food companies now offer ‘complete meals’ that make up the 80:10:10 balance.

Myth 4 – A Raw Diet Will Make My Dog Aggressive.

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding feeding a raw meat diet to dogs, and perhaps the one that has done the most damage.

The thought that feeding your dog a healthy, complete raw diet will turn him into a slathering beast with insatiable bloodlust is based on nothing but fear.Top 11 Ways to Accidentally Kill Your Chickens

Feeding a raw meat diet won’t make your dog aggressive, but as with any food that your dog really enjoys, some dogs may be defensive or territorial when eating and won’t want to share!

Teaching your dog good manners and polite behaviour around food is essential, regardless of the type of diet he eats. A raw meat diet won’t cause or worsen any behavioural problems in your dog, nor turn him into an aggressive monster.

Myth 5 – Dogs Can’t Eat Bone.

You should never feed your dog cooked bones as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp which potentially could cause serious damage to the gut.Don't Let Anesthesia Fears Delay Your Dog's Teeth Cleaning

Raw bones are the best dental treatment a dog can have! They remove plaque and clean those pearly whites naturally. Some big companies state their dental sticks are best for clean teeth and fresh breath when in fact, they’re filled with additives and poor-quality ingredients.

No food is choke free – so always supervise your pets.

Chicken | Raw Feeding The Barf Diet | Wolf Tucker

Myth 6-  Feeding Cooked Meat Is Better Than Raw.

Cooked meat lacks many benefits of raw meat and can be deficient in essential nutrients because the very act of cooking destroys or alters proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Therefore, cooking food makes some nutrients less available.

Myth 7 – Raw Feeding Is Expensive!

Raw diets generally work out as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be!

Raw food diets can cost as little as 80p per day for every 10 kg of dog weight. The amount you spend depends not only on the weight of the dog (big dogs clearly eat more) but also on the type of meat in the meal. Chicken meals cost the least, followed by beef, then lamb is typically the most expensive.

Here are a few rough examples of how little you could pay to feed your dog a raw diet per week:


A 5kg dog – £2.40

A 10kg dog – £4

A 20kg dog – £10.50

A 30kg dog – £16.50

If a raw diet works out more expensive for your dog, its worth weighing up the savings on vet bills when feeding a raw diet.

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