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We are very Passionate about Pet Nutrition

At Sallywags we take nutrition very seriously.  
Being a busy pet grooming salon, we see many of our dogs on regular intervals.  
During the grooming process we can easily spot anything unusual about your pets coat or skin. Sadly, we believe that many of the conditions we see are linked to poor nutrition.  For this reason, all our products have been carefully selected to ensure that we can provide the best food and treats for your pet.
We stock a wide range of affordable, yet first class pet food.
In a world where healthier living and balanced diets for humans have become all the rage, it seems contradictory that so many dogs are having a daily dose of low-grade meals full of fillers.
At Sallywags, we stock an assortment of fresh foods such as raw meats, bones, veg and metabolism-friendly minerals. Many informed vets and breeders share our view that cooking foods break down all the important proteins and amino acids in raw meat, dramatically reducing its nutritional benefits and can lead to countless long-term health issues.

Click here to understand more about the labels on your dogs food.