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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

De matting

Our normal grooming prices do NOT include de-matting of severely matted dogs.

If this is required an extra £5 will be charged for every 15 minutes required.

PLEASE NOTE: We groom humanely, dogs too severely matted WILL be shaved off.

In the event of any dog needing a shave down/clip down, the owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process, as well as uncovering nicks, cuts or other potential problems.

No dog will be subjected to stress or discomfort and all dogs will be groomed in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2007. 


If your dog suffers from skin allergies, we advise you to provide us with a veterinary prescribed shampoo (e.g Malesab), otherwise we will use our own range of products to suit the dogs skin/coat type.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 24hrs notice for cancellation of appointments. TIME IS RESERVED TO GROOM YOUR DOG. Missed appointments will incur a fee of  of the full appointment charge if cancelled the same day as appointment, payable BEFORE another appointment can be made. If you just simply do not turn up for your appointment and do not let us know you are not coming, the full groom fee will be charged and again must be paid prior to us making a new appointment for you.

Dogs also arriving late may have to be re-booked. If you do not contact us prior to your appointment to confirm you may be late, and you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will need to be re-booked and the missed appointment fee will be payable.


ALL dogs must be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated dogs are put at risk and put others at risk.

Aggressive and Poorly Socialised Dogs 

All our groomers love animals and have years of experience with animals including their care and training. You must inform us prior to grooming if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggression.

Your attention is drawn to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which holds owners liable for bites and injuries caused by their dogs. We reserve the right to refuse to groom any pet at risk of harming the groomer or itself.


We will also examine your dog for any irregular lumps or infections during the grooming process and if anything is found our groomer will discuss it with you.  Please note that this is not a professional medical examination as you would be given by your vet.


If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, prompt and thorough action on your part is needed; flea infestation can lead to tapeworm and other health problems both to the dog and to yourself.

If fleas are found on your dog during the bathing process, they will be given a flea treatment for an additional charge of £10 which will be added to your grooming bill, also if the salon needs to be treated then there will be another charge of £10. The treatment will kill the fleas on your dog as well as keeping the salon flea-free. If ticks are found, we will remove them for an additional charge of £5. If ticks are removed, we strongly suggest you take your dog to the vet for a check and possible testing for Lyme disease. Please remember that parasites are a health hazard to your pet as well as humans.


Your dog may be photographed before, during and after its groom. These images may be used on Sallywags website/Facebook pages etc. unless you specifically request us not to do so. 


Please ensure your dog has had an adequate chance to relieve itself before you come to the salon. It is unfair to expect your dog to stand for over an hour with a full bladder.  You are welcome to use our day-care services to ensure that your dog has had a chance to stretch his legs and empty his bladder before his treatment.

Please note that if your dog defecates or urinates during the grooming process and requires a second bath you will be charged appropriately.


Any dogs which are left more than 30 minutes after contacting owners (unless informed otherwise) will be charged at a daycare price (per hour).

Groom Feedback

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your pet’s groom, please let us know within 3 days (preferably, before you leave). Reasonable requests to alter the trim will be dealt with immediately or changes noted for the next groom. 


At all times we have full Public liability Insurance in the event of damage, accident or loss to your pet or our staff. Please ask for more details if necessary.